(Isn’t there an app for that?)

I am starting this blog to hold my thoughts. My old ‘portfolio’ felt dead and was not a good representation of my current thinking. I plan to put incomplete ideas, complete posts, and everything else here. There are going to be many mistakes made. I will probably look back on entries and wonder what the hell I was thinking. Oh well.

Having recently read Jaron Lanier’s Dawn of the New Everything (read it!), I am committing to making incremental progress in my projects as opposed to taking a perfectionist black/white approach. Lanier inspired me with his measured optimism without utopianism. This blog represents the first step in that direction. We don’t have to solve complex problems completely, just make improvements. Maybe at some point our current solutions must be reinvented to be improved, but I believe that reinvention is a part of a natural evolution of ideas.

Apologies for all future misspellings, grammatical errors and general erroneous statements.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy sailing the vast internet seas!

spiral aaron